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Why are girls so shallow

For reference, a baby-dyke is a young lesbian who is just coming out and is probably going through a weird transitional...

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Philip Foy: Arabs guy always pay , so if you dating arab man don't carry wallet with you cuz you don't need it :)

FilipposGR: Wait im confused? what does guessing languages have to do with the languages being sexy?

Saving Me: This channel is shit

Azeritable: He has a sexy voice ahah

Sam Chipchase: And bring a lot of money, because dating is legal prostitution here

Snkhuong: I want a girl like that , someone give her to me or similar to her. Waiting

Chas Farthing: Can't read the fucking subtitles because of the black laptop

Jarakader: I love russians:))))))

RockyMSK: Yo that russian girl sounds so fucking arousing

Majestic A.: That girl is not Polish at all. You shouldn't be speaking Polish in this video.

Josh Keyt: German womans. best quality

Dmastic: Loved it .

Nail to your existing Cracked account if you hold one or create a new Cracked username. Thanks to romantic comedies and crappy comedians, we cognizant of that men are natural, shallow boors that at best care about sex, and women are weepy emotional hippies that only caution about poetry and what's on the inside. Alike everything else in exotic comedies, this is bullshit. Some men are unimportant and so are some women. The stereotype persists because women usually aren't shallow in the very way.

When you invent of a superficial you think of a guy who stares at boobs or butts and has rules about no fat chicks. So you'd assume the equivalent lady-in-waiting would be all on every side ogling men's packages.

So if they don't, again it must all be about personality, right? We don't usually get as drooly over pecs as this Diet Coke commercial implies. We shouldn't be surprised that science backs up the stereotype more. But what's interesting is that our theoretical hussy here can't go in all directions from getting resumes from at times man she meets, so she's got to dimensions most of them up at a glance.

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Same girl, so shallow : Nicegirls


Link Existing Cracked Account. Follow 17 What if all that time, money and effort was spent working towards being healthy, happy and helpful? And if you do get it out, well, they'll play it on the radio and then it's right back, bouncing around the inside of your brain. Annually, more women go to literal sausage shows than metaphorical ones.


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