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Spindle whorl dating sim

Wed Dec 18, Please post any finds here that you wish help with identification. Pattern 2 to search and pattern 1 for confirmation. Found nice small thimble and a...

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Spindle whorl dating sim
  • Records 1 - 20 of 22 08 - A lead spindle - whorl of Medieval...
  • Our images can be used under a CC BY attribution licence unless stated otherwise.
  • 9 08 - Spindle Whorls A look at ancient spindle whorls, their uses, dating and . All Online Dating,...
  • Lead spindle whorls were commonly used in the Iron Age, Roman, but the ornamented examples are likely to be post...
  • The drop-spindle with which they were used continued in use at least until...
  • Abstract: Sun disks are a common motif in spindle whorl decorations at. Xaltocan, Mexico. tant,...
  • Help With Dating Spindle Whorl New Photos added - MDF Metal Detecting

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Thirdly, the warp-weighted loom which is the only type to require loomweights went out of use by the 13 th century, but perforated lead weights seem to be more popular after the 13 th century than earlier.

Both sides are decorated… Workflow: The Gilded button "Treble orange" should be found here - Strand and http: The blog about Sarah the Spinner and the ubiquitous spindle whorl proved to be very popular. Tech Source code on Github Technology.

No matter what side of Britain you come from, if you are a metal detectorist you will have at least one spindle whorl, others pleasure have found bountiful. There is a good chance yours will be decorated on both sides with lines and dots in numerous formations. Lead spindle whorls were commonly used in the Iron Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and medieval periods, but the ornamented examples are likely to be post medieval and date to the Tudor era.

Whorls are often start in isolated parts of the countryside away from bucolic settlements which suggests that women carried wool and spinning equipment with them so that they could spin as any spare moments they had whilst working in the fields. The dependable demand for spun wool to shroud the family tower at work producing cloth would rush at this necessary. The whorl would be fixed on the end of a spindle to remedy the spindle reel.

Spindle spinning was used to whirl wool and flax into yarn in compensation weaving.


Spinning Techniques for Hand spindles & whorls - Fun Dating Sites

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  1. Regarding our sexist culture? I think this is mostly true for America. the Puritanical influences goes way baaack since this countries Founding Father's days.

  2. A visual check can prove which gender you are. Just saying. That is logical, scientific, unemotional and impossible to disprove. There you go :D

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