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Kim hyun joong and jung so min dating in real life eng sub

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Sofia Dorrell: The answer the Arab guy gave at the end was the best answer one could ever give: I'd rather date an interesting woman.

Yanko Sotirov: I am from India, and I am always asked if I am im IT!

Tatum Evans: In your eyes.

Diogo Pinto: My ex-wife was Spanish and a maybe a just a few of those things are true. LOL

Cr Andres: Well. no. All stereotypes in one person.

Ceudelisboa: Thumbs up for Ukrainian! Seriously, thanks for that surprise!

Brina R. K.: That fifteen year old is wise people underestimate young people

NatГЎlia: That chilean guy, sad. Could not find something better? Que triste mi chilito, por la xuxa. :(


Austen Duarte: I'm ready to immigrate!

WoWGirl6: Polish accent wasn't Polish

Azuayi Alaku: So it is hard to generalize.

  • [Eng Sub] Lee Joon ❤ Jung So Min - Dating News [tvN]. by daisy . Because This is...
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  • Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Dating in Real Life

Housemates starting to leave me out of stuff?

Kim hyun joong and jung so min dating in real life eng sub

They also gave little tidbits on the stuff they got asked. Is that a new nose on Kim Hyun Joong? Hmm I have not heard of Orange Days. Is it just me and my biased eyes but do they look so matching in every aspect possible??? How many look good lookers can look even more gorgeous exposing their fore heads!

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[Engsub] 101028 SoMin interview - Dating Chatroom

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Trist G: I live in Germany. The German one is so on point. This is literally how most Germans 'dance before they start going crazy due to alcohol. First I thought my friends were not having fun. I was surprised when they said, 'that was a lot of fun at the club. Remember, you have to watch carefully the subtle change of rocking angle of his head movement.

ThePhantom712: You will never starve! Best Filipino family description

Johnsoncm65: I loved all of the exept the orange blonde people can think she's hot blows my mind. Give me the Asian or latina ANY day.

Vick Dust: The Asian guy is super cute!

Tender Turd: We american are asshole when we don't need to be needed, You can't have fun being a american there always another asshole want to debate you about it.

Mimiteen15: It looks as if 50/50 is an incredibly difficult concept for some cultures to grasp.

Nacho Miranda: Isn't that what all women wants though

Justinn Wong: Do dating in latin america

Sidollar: Please German young girl dating age 16 to 21

Gergely H: I am a Hong Konger and I hated when people said we are Chinese ! Come on, we had an Umbrella revolution to tell you we don't like China, it's literally on International news the whole week !

Van Dao: British is my city

NaziAssUtube: I mean you are asking a bias group as they all seem American, plus some of them like the Manchester one he said it so quickly

Marvinc88: Russian. Russian language is so sexy :D

SonOfSparta94: Make me laugh what am i? a clown :D geez


Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min at 2010 MBC Drama Awards - Free Dating Social Networks

The pictures of him are not that close for me to see if he has done another touch-up on his nose. Love his new hairstyle…. Hope they will have some projects together again. They both look so good and healthy! Whatevers……JSM is so cute!

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I'll talk about dramas if I want to

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  1. After holding a fan meeting for Playful Kiss in Japan, where Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min were adorable together but less touchy-feely than I would have liked, the two of them attended a press conference the day after to answer more PK-related questions for the Japanese media.

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