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Homosexuality is inherited

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Homosexuality ‘may be triggered by environment after birth'


Is Homosexuality in Your Genes? - Free Sex Hookup Sites

Female relatives of the homosexual men tended to have more offspring than those of the heterosexual men. I came out at a conservative Christian college in the US and was in a gay relationship for around two years with a basketball player who ended up marrying a woman. Marriages, Families, and Relationships: The authors concluded that "our findings, taken in context with previous work, suggest that genetic variation in each of these regions contributes to development of the important psychological trait of male sexual orientation".

The links have been emphasised by new scientific research. Michael; Martin, Eden R. The California Supreme Court unanimously held, last Monday, that a doctor's religious beliefs will not be lawful justification for refusing to treat homosexuals.

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Research on the physiologic differences between male and female brains are based on the idea that people have male or a female brain, and this mirrors the behavioral differences between the two sexes. The previous research also indicated that grave disease had been seen more in gay men than in straight men. Self reported zygosity , sexual attraction, fantasy and behaviours were assessed by questionnaire and zygosity was serologically checked when in doubt.

The biological theories reappraised". True, various eye-grabbing headlines over the years have claimed that some scientists have found something like The Gay Gene. Furthermore, the SCN of homosexual males is extremely large both the volume and the number of neurons are twice as many as in heterosexual males.

Ever apologised to someone when you know that THEY'RE in the wrong?

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  1. Beverley Kramer was a member of Academy of Science South Africa panel that undertook the study which form the basis of the Diversity in Human Sexuality report.

  2. So how can you be okay with one but not the other? That makes no sense whatsoever. Get it now?

  3. The reasons behind why people are gay, straight or bisexual have long been a source of public fascination.

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