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Sexual harassment at propmore corporation

Peter Madsen and Dr. SC thanks the authors for their contributions to the Business Ethics Program.

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The sexual harassment case presented depicts a case master of an ethical predicament in organization, whereby the leaders get stranded on which side to work. In one hand, Don is responsible for his employees and making the decision in favor of Smith may have disadvantageous effects on his relationship with the subordinates, and may also lead to litigation by Thompson.

Diversified theories and arguments deliver been advanced pertaining to ethical decision making dispose of in an organization. That paper, therefore, analyzes the harassment case and presents various decisions that Don can make, based on a variety of moral theories and an proper decision making model. That theory holds it that every individual has entire ultimate goal; their own welfare.

Egoism entails display of the self-welfare, or interest. In this coherence, the actions of the decision makers are based on their own benefit and do not call up the effect to other parties involved in the case.

In this theory, ethical decisions are made with reference to the group in which the decision maker identifies with, and does not adopt a broader approach in analyzing the problem. In this perspective, the outcome maker does not chew over the implications of the actions to all the parties but rather, the immediate social group. There is no any adjust decision in situations involving social group relativism, since the decision on an issue is dependent on the effect to a specific social group.

In the presented sexual harassment case, the subordinate staffs are the immediate group group that Don identifies with in the workplace. In this sense, Don would consider the import of the action to the employee Thompson Unspeakable, who accused Smith of sexual harassment.

In that theoretical perspective, Don would make decision in favor of Thompson, and including submit to her demands that Airgoods Corporation should be taken from the bidding list and the unwelcomed behavior of Smith should be reported to Airgoods Corporation president. Your email address will not be published.

Sexual harassment at propmore corporation
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Telephone Skills Presented by: A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Although Bill had a reputation for occasional odd behavior, he was known in the industry as a hard-working salesperson who provided excellent service and follow-through on his accounts.

Essay Raptor This author has published articles so far. Airgoods Corporation taken off the bidder list for raw materials Airgoods president notified of Bill s unethical and illegal behavior Considering taking legal action against Bill Smith through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for sexual harassment Investigate suing the Propmore Corporation for failure to protect her from this type of discrimination while acting as an agent of the company Bill s side of the story: Delete comment or cancel.

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More presentations by James Walker Glass Cliff: Don was somewhat concerned about Jane s threat to sue Propmore but doubted that she had a very good case. Using the Stakeholder Theory, I evaluated the information given in the materials. Joe defended Airgoods reputation as having been a good supplier for some time now.

On the other hand, the climate in the department may be ruined forever as Jane is likely to feel that her interests had been neglected and her feelings discarded as useless trash.


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  1. The allegation of sexual harassment concerns the relationship between a buyer and a salesman working for the supplying company.

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