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Instead of level grinding with battle and combat, Pumpkin-Online is a relaxed game. You can role-play a profession, craft items, customize your own private farm,...

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Nowadays working demographics and tight wallets due to the recession are making this unfeasible for many. Check out the FAQ. Yes, Valentine's Day is a few months away, but I think it's time I turned away from looking at the, us versus them mentality of customers versus the MMO companies, and took a look at a more interesting aspect of gaming: Getting ready for a hot date?

Craft items, decorate your house, date any NPCs and more! Why or why not?

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MMORPG News: Aion 2 Announced, Lost Ark Open Beta, Blade & Soul 2, Astellia Online - Hookup Affair


MMORPG News: Aion 2 Announced, Lost Ark Open Beta, Blade & Soul 2, Astellia Online - Online Hookups

With Christmas a few weeks away, it's time we started dusting off the hearts in our casket to look for those warm, fuzzy feelings. Yes, Valentine's Day is a few months away, but I think it's in the nick of time b soon I turned away from looking at the, us versus them mentality of customers versus the MMO companies, and took a look at a more interesting aspect of gaming: There are a plight of schisms that can happen between players in an MMO environment, but there are none so strange or uncomfortable as those that come from relationships - and not just from break ups.

If online dating wasn't awkward enough, imagine doing so in the community presence of hundreds or thousands. Sure, your trusted face may be on a dating site - but your relationship isn't up to public probe, and when you're depleted dating one person on a dating site, you can move on to the next without your last haunting you normally, at least. The predominating problem is that MMOs are social games, and the communities that take shape around them generally happen to like small towns or clubs.

A lot of social bonding happens on servers, and whether you've even been on a speaking basis with someone, most players know the names of dozens, reciprocate hundreds, of those that share their server. As we spend time on the server, we happen to exposed to the subject of dozens of folks through guilds, pick up groups, forums, and small talk.

There's not always an opportunity to dodge the people you've burned bridges with, but there's a huge difference between an ex-guild leader and an ex-lover. Now let's break here, because you're in any way thinking, "Wait, back it up. People maybe compel ought to cyber flings in MMOs, but no one in the end has real relationships, and certainly none that last!

Most articles about "dating in MMOs" have the same kind of ambiguous language that frequents urban legends:

TheOlliePoppy: Try portuguese Angola vs portuguese Brazil.

Robin Mike: You guys put together good skits

Samuel Melo: I want an Israeli woman

Jeffplaier: Dah da da do american hhhhhhhh

Rama Fredo: The one who invites pays. That should be the international rule.

Luis Baptista: Honestly i think i can speak for me and pretty much al my friends. Dont fucking talk to me when im either waiting for or on the bus, train, tram,metro. its nnot that its rude to talk to me it just feels invasive.

Nora Mag: If you end up coming to the US you should come to Portland, Oregon! We have an interesting culture here :)

Emilie McCann: Japanese accent is so cute. i love itttt

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  1. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games MMORPGs may be the new social frontier for an increasingly alienated digitalized generation.

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