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Big sexy fishing rod

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Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods


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Big sexy fishing rod

These rods are amazing. Change View Change View. Favorite Phantom Rigged Casting Rods. Covered in one of a kind cosmetics, the Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods are built using a blend of advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques that give anglers the upper-hand on big bass. Made using high-end Skyflex ton Korean manufactured prepegs, the Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods are built by layering carbon of varying modulus and fiber direction for unmatched strength and torsional load resistance.

Built for bass fishing enthusiast and YouTube personality, Justin Rackley, the Favorite Big Sexy Lake Fork Guy Casting Rods combine a number of advanced technologies to provide anglers with the ideal combination of strength and sensitivity.

Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip.

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Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rod...
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Favorite Defender Casting Rods. Add To Wish List. Covered in one of a kind, sparkling cosmetics, the Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods utilize a number of signature technologies and premium materials that deliver the power necessary for power fishing at the highest levels of competitive angling. Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip.

Built for bass fishing enthusiast and YouTube personality, Justin Rackley, the Favorite Big Sexy Lake Fork Guy Casting Rods combine a number of advanced technologies to provide anglers with the ideal combination of strength and sensitivity.

Very cool how the color will change in direction of lighting. Easy to tell homework really went into this rod - I highly recommend.

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  1. Built for heavy-duty fishing applications, the Favorite Big Sexy Casting Rods utilize a number of advance materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to give anglers the upper hand on big bass.

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